小学校の教科書に出てくる英語の歌 ~ 英語の歌を、ピアノのサウンドにのせて ~

令和2年度用小学校英語教科書のQRコード Let's Sing の 歌入り・カラオケ・ピアノ伴奏譜付き楽譜★新発売★
「NEW HORIZON Elementary English Course 5」 Let's Sing 令和2年度用小学校英語児童用CD5年より
1 Nice to meet you. ♪ Hi, hi, hi! Hello, hello, hello!
2 Happy Birthday! ♪ New Year's Day! When is New Year's Day, New Year's Day, New Year's Day?
3 What do you have on Mondays? ♪ What do you have on Mondays?
4 This is my town. ♪ This is my town. This is my bus stop and my elementary school.
5 Excuse me. ♪ Excuse me. Excuse me.
6 What would you like? ♪ What would you like?
7 Yokoso! ♪ Welcome to Japan! Welcome to Japan!
8 My Hero ♪ Who is your hero? My hero is my father.
「NEW HORIZON Elementary English Course 6」 Let's Sing 令和2年度用小学校英語児童用CD6年より
9 Hello, everyone. ♪ Hello everone! Konnichiwa!
10 My Day ♪ I'm Emma. I live in France.
11 I want to go to Italy. ♪ Where do you want to go?
12 We love summer vacation. ♪ We love summer vacation!
13 We all live together. ♪ I'm a gorilla. I live in the forest.
14 What did you eat? ♪ What did you eat? What did you eat?
15 Four Seasons ♪ I remember spring. I remember summer.
16 My Future Dream ♪ What do you want to do in junior high?
17 This is my town.(ロングバージョン) ♪ This is my town. This is my bus stop and my elementary school.

作詞:Kathleen Kampa/Charles Vilina 作曲:Kathleen Kampa/Charles Vilina 編曲:Andre DiMuzio 歌:ニュー ホライズン ソング チーム(東京書籍の小学校5・6年生向け令和2年度版の英語教科書『NEW HORIZON Elementary English Course』の歌を歌う。メンバーは、Kathleen Kampa,Charles VilinaとBrian Peck。)